Gold Fillings in Boca Raton, FL

If you have cavities due to tooth decay, dental fillings are the best way to preserve the natural tooth. There are several different types of dental filling materials that can be used, including gold, porcelain fillings, silver amalgam fillings, and composite resin fillings. We believe that gold fillings are the “gold standard” of dentistry when it comes to dental restorations.

Gold dental fillings are dental restorations made of a gold alloy metal. Gold fillings have been used in aesthetic dentistry for decades because the material is long-lasting, highly resistant to corrosion, and incredibly strong. As a result, gold fillings offer optimal durability for molars and pre-molars that experience heavy wear from chewing and biting.

Types of Gold Fillings

There are two basic types of gold fillings:

  • Inlays
  • Onlays

Gold inlays are smaller and generally restore one or two surfaces of a tooth. Gold onlays look like a gold crown on top of the tooth. They are larger and will cover larger parts of the chewing surface in order to strengthen weakened cusps.

Advantages of Gold Fillings

Gold fillings are by far the best type of filling you can use to restore your natural teeth. They offer many benefits:

1They are durable and can last a lifetime with proper care.

2They have a strong fit and seal, which prevents bacterial acid leakage and future decay.

3They allow us to save the maximum amount of your remaining healthy tooth structure.

4Unlike natural teeth or other types of restorative materials like composite fillings, gold fillings don’t wear down over time.

5Gold alloy is the purest, safest, and most bio-compatible material for use inside the mouth. It is a safe, pure, hypo-allergenic, and highly effective long-term solution for dental repair and won’t damage your oral tissues.

6They won’t make your teeth look dark or gray like other materials—like silver fillings—might.

7They can withstand chewing forces and will not crack the teeth.

8They resist plaque accumulation.

9They will not tear dental floss, so it’s easy to clean between your teeth and keep them healthy.

10Because they are long-lasting and won’t need to be replaced, they are the most cost-effective solution in the long run.

11They are custom-crafted for you under a microscope by the finest gold technicians.

12They will not tarnish, oxidize, corrode, turn black, or react with oral fluids as other materials do. They will always maintain their original brilliance and luster.

13They expand and contract to temperature changes like your natural tooth structure.

14They are gentle on the gum tissue and help to prevent gum irritation, inflammation, and periodontal disease.

15Well-fitting gold restorations have the least likelihood of recurrent decay.

16They can “bind a tooth together,” strengthening it to prevent further tooth fractures and relieve sensitivity from tiny tooth fractures.

17They contain no bisphenol-A plastics or composites, which can cause health problems.

Silver Amalgam Fillings: The Dangers of Mercury

Silver fillings contain mercury, which is a neurotoxin that can impair cells and organs in the human body, particularly the brain and kidneys. Silver fillings contain additional metals, such as copper and zinc, which may produce an allergic reaction. Even low levels of exposure to mercury can lead to nausea, vomiting and diarrhea; long-term exposure can cause more serious health problems including respiratory illnesses, reproductive system damage in men, immunodeficiency diseases, increased susceptibility to infections, and kidney damage.

Gold fillings are much less likely to cause harm to your teeth compared to silver amalgam fillings. Gold carries fewer risks for allergic reactions and is less likely than other metals to produce skin problems or immune reactions. As a result, gold fillings can last many years with the proper care and maintenance. In addition, gold is resistant to heat and chemical reactions that may otherwise damage your teeth over time.

The “gold Standard”

Our number one priority is preserving the health of your natural teeth whenever possible. At Dental Care of Boca Raton, we stand behind the quality and durability of gold fillings to fill cavities and preserve your teeth.

Gold is the premier material for dental inlays and onlays. It’s biocompatible with the soft tissue of the mouth, and it isn’t prone to oxidation, staining, shrinkage, leakage, or plaque accumulation. For cosmetic purposes, we can combine gold fillings with a white tooth-colored filling.

Not only do gold fillings offer strength and stability, they last a lifetime. That’s why we feel confident in backing these restorations with a lifetime warranty.

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